Video Testimonials and Interviews

  • Video testimonials and video interviews (also known as talking heads) are a great way to to build your profile, gain credibility in your field and get your messages across.

    Our video testimonials and interviews are produced by experienced broadcast journalists who ensure that you and your clients get the very best from your on-camera appearances. We don’t believe in the ‘rabbit in headlights’ approach, we work with you to decide what you want to say, ask you the right questions and produce PR-focused interviews that get your messages across and present you at your best.

    In addition, our team can also plan a video marketing campaign to generate impressive ROI for your business. We can help you develop a strategy, then distribute the content, via online and mobile marketing, social media and traditional media channels.

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Experts in ‘Talking Heads’ Video Production

We are proud that our main point of difference is that we are staffed by professional video journalists. We are experienced in guiding you through your interview to ensure you get your key messages across on camera. We then use broadcast industry sound and visual techniques to edit your footage into a powerful PR tool.

Operating from Hampshire, Sussex and London, we specialise in video testimonials and interviews. Our talented team has many decades of experience in broadcasting and PR. We create engaging, focused video content that presents you and your company at its best.

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    • Interview planning and storyboarding
    • Identification of key messages and target audiences
    • On-location filming
    • Precision editing to present you to perfection
    • Video marketing options
    • And most importantly – no ‘rabbit in headlights’ – we put you at your ease!
  • Versatile Video Interviews

    • Client Interviews
    • Multiple ‘vox-pop’ interviews
    • Video blogs
    • Video news releases
    • Staff and client testimonials
    • Monthly video updates
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