Video News Releases

  • Increase your media coverage with video news releases 

    Sending out a media-focused video with your press release significantly increases the chances of getting your news seen by millions.

    Multimedia news releases are viewed 970% more than text-only news releases (PR Newswire).

    Journalists have ready-to-use content on their websites and broadcast channels. Your PR team has video content for social media and web use.

    Video news releases are proven to help organisations increase impact, views, and engagement.

    Tell your story, your way.

  • Example of interview-based video news release

  • Video news release styles

    • Interview with company spokesperson
    • News report style with presenter
    • Event coverage
    • Product launch featuring interviews and footage
    • Standard promotional video

    All of our video news releases are broadcast-quality and produced with media coverage in mind.

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  • Why use our Video News Release Service?

    Our broadcast journalists have been creating multimedia content since 2006 and we are specialists in creating compelling videos to promote your latest news, events, launches and developments.

    We focus on telling your story.

    We work closely with your communications and marketing teams to ensure our video news releases fully reflect your organisations’s key messages.

    Choose a one-off video news release to send out with your own press release – or let us create a bespoke multimedia campaign, including a press release, video news release, audio news release and your own media centre.

Examples of different video news release styles

  • Interview-based

  • Event

  • Promotional

  • Let us help you make a media splash

    We believe that it’s not just about the video itself, but about the story you want to tell and the key messages you want to convey.

    Our experienced team have all been broadcast journalists and we like to think we know what the media needs.

    We work closely with you to film and produce PR-focused interview and feature videos to send to the media with your press release and share across social media.

    With our Multimedia PR Service, we will also create a bespoke Media Centre for your organisation and send your press release and video to journalists.

  • Benefits of video news releases

    • They significantly increase the exposure of your press release
    • They maximise the exposure of good news
    • They help you handle bad news – on your terms
    • They’re edited, so ensure that you look and sound good
    • They give your story more prominence
    • They save you time and money

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