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  • Video News Releases

    Recent statistics show that multimedia press releases are viewed 970% more than text only (PR Newswire).

    Our video news release production service helps your news get noticed in the media, seen across social media and gain visibility in web searches. We do this by creating compelling video clips promoting your latest news, events and developments to send out with your written press releases.

    All of our video news releases are broadcast-quality and are carefully crafted to reflect your company’s key messages. By giving journalists ready-to-use content you significantly increase the chances of getting your message seen by millions.

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  • Why use video news releases?

    Effective Video News Releases:

    • They significantly increase the exposure of your press release
    • They maximise the exposure of good news
    • They help you handle bad news – on your terms
    • They’re edited, so ensure that you look and sound good
    • They give your story more prominence
    • They save you time and money
  • Why are our videos different?

    We believe that it’s not just about the video itself, but about the story you want to tell and the key messages you want to convey.

    Quality and experience really do count when it comes to gaining maximum media coverage.

    Our experienced team have all been broadcast journalists and we like to think we know what the media needs. We work closely with you to film and produce PR-focused interviews and features to send to the media with your press release and upload to social media.


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Video Interview image of woman holding microphone to intervieweeAudio News Releases

Would you like to get your business on the radio but don’t want to pay for advertising?

Using our audio news release production service, you can get your story heard by tens of thousands of people in radio news bulletins.

By sending out pre-recorded broadcast-quality interviews with your press releases (also known as audio press releases), you’re in control of what you say and journalists have ready-to-use audio, which greatly increases the likelihood of hearing your story on air and on radio station websites.

  • Audio news releases get results

    Pure Brand Media is a market leader in audio news release production, creating targeted interviews to send to the media.

    Our experienced team of ex-radio journalists has a proven track record in significantly increasing our clients’ radio news coverage.

    We recently achieved 100% coverage for a client in their target market and regularly achieve impressive results for events and tourism-related promotions.

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