Audio Branding

  • Logo and Branding image

    Pure Brand Media example of podcast branding

  • What is audio branding?

    It matters how your business sounds.

    Think of a radio jingle and how that identifies a radio station, or how music in a TV advert reminds you of a particular product.

    Audio branding is exactly that. It is a bespoke identity for your organisation using music and voiceover.

    Our unique audio branding service offers a suite of audio branding options to suit your business needs.

    Audio logos, podcast branding, advertising jingles and video intros to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

    Put simply, it gives your brand a voice.

  • Why do you need audio branding?

    Using audio branding across your multimedia content is proven to build your brand recognition.

      • It reinforces your brand identity.
      • It helps your organisation stand out from the competition.
      • It adds an additional professional dimension to all of your online and social media content.
      • It is cost-effective.

    Add to videos, podcasts, social media content and your website, and connect with your customers on your on-hold telephone system.

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  • Different types of audio branding

    • Audio Logos
    • Audio branding for podcasts
    • Jingles for advertising
    • Sponsorship credits
    • Audiovisual animated logos

Our Audio Branding Services

  • Audio Logos

    Horsham District Council

    Audio logo created for Horsham District Council

    • Audio logo design to reflect your brand
    • Choice of professional voiceover
    • Choice of music
  • Podcast Branding

    Example of podcast audio branding and sponsorship credits

    • Creation of audio branding ‘imaging’ for your podcast
    • Design of audio logo
    • Creation of jingles and sponsorship credits
    • Choice of professional voiceover and music
  • Audiovisual Branding

    Example of audiovisual logo created for Surrey University

    • Audio logo design
    • 2D or 3D animated logo creation
    • Choice of professional voiceover and music
    • Use in videos, presentations and social media