Don’t Let Video Spook You!

Many businesses may still be scared by the thought of using video in their marketing, but it’s never been more powerful than it is now! Video is an essential tool in creating an all-important visual personality for your brand.

We’ve been having a particularly lively Halloween season in the Pure Brand Media office, producing hogwarts-boy-imagefilms for the Watercress Line’s annual events.

We’ve loved creating the Wizard Weekend and Summer Fare promotional videos for this Hampshire tourist attraction, bringing their family events to life under our camera’s spell…

Filming Video Footage

We worked our magic at the Watercress Line’s events last year capturing footage to be used as promotional material for this year’s events. We filmed, storyboarded and edited videos for the different occasions, the latest being the upcoming Wizard Weekend at the end of October.

Click below to take a look for yourself….

Share Your Magic!

Film is the perfect way to promote your events and regularly tease your followers with snippets of information in the run-up to the date in question. Maximise your marketing by cutting your main video into mini clips and pre-promoting them across social media too.

Investing in video in this way means it’s not just all about one final film, you can have visual promotion long before the event – and long after – always proving cost-effective.

Cast your spell this Halloween and let your brand come alive through film!

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