Why Podcast?

  • Audio PR

  • Podcasts are such powerful marketing tools for businesses large and small. 

    Podcasting is like having your own in-house radio station where you can build your own audience through interviews, programmes and features.

    Podcasts are highly-effective for:

    • Business-to-business – share tips, information and expertise
    • Engage consumers – content-rich, promotional programmes to subscribe to
    • Internal communications – an ideal platform for sharing company information with staff

    Our professional podcast service is a cost-effective and personal way of reaching your target market.

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  • Different types of podcasts

    A podcast is an audio feature or radio-style programme which can be streamed online or downloaded to a computer, smartphone or audio player.

    Create podcasts to promote your company news, services, product or event. Then get them heard by adding them to streaming services, sharing on social media and asking your listeners to subscribe.

    Don’t know where to start?

    Our experienced team can help you find the perfect style of podcast for your needs.

    • A voiced ‘news report-style’ update
    • A single interview with a company member
    • A magazine-style programme featuring interviews with staff and clients
    • Feature coverage of an event recorded on location
  • Company feature
    Single Interview
    Public Awareness Campaign
    Feature event coverage
  • How we can help

    Planning your podcast needn’t be painful!

    Our experienced team can assist with all aspects of planning, producing and promoting your podcast.

    We can help with scripting, interview planning and preparing key messages. We can record at your offices, on location or in a studio and edit it to produce a flawless, professional production. We can help you promote your podcast via a variety of channels.

    And most importantly, we will also help put you at your ease when you’re behind the microphone!


  • By adding a QR code to your printed marketing material, your customers can listen to your podcast instantly on their mobile phone.

    Simply scan this QR code to hear a sample podcast.

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  • Podcasts

  • Why Podcast?

    • It is personal – it presents the real people behind your organisation
    • It presents you as a credible expert in your field
    • It is effective at delivering information
    • It encourages loyalty and ongoing interest
    • It helps drive people to your website

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