Social Media Marketing With Video This Christmas

Social Media Marketing For Seasonal Sharing

It’s Christmas and the perfect time for businesses to get in touch with contacts past and present, so why not make your messages sparkle? By adding video to your social media marketing, your festive greetings can shine brighter than the average set of fairy lights on the promotional tree!

Christmas is all about sharing after all, and targeted video clips can really get people engaged with your brand. We’re talking about short, entertaining web videos that captivate viewers – and, unlike many a Christmas number one pop tune, they don’t have to be one-hit wonders!

By cutting your main video into short ‘teaser’ clips to post on social media throughout the festive season, you can generate interest before releasing the final full-length film for all to enjoy.

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Here at Pure Brand Media we have had the pleasure of working on some sensational, seasonal social media marketing campaigns using video that help promote an organisation’s products and services.

This festive treat produced for NATS was one of the most successful social media video campaigns that we have been involved with – and it had some truly impressive results.

We’re talking views in the hundreds of thousands, prestigious media coverage and significant social sharing.


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The campaign consisted of a fun, seasonal Santa video to be used online, plus a series of mini ‘teaser’ clips for use on Twitter and Facebook to spark interest in the main Santa spectacular! A great way of driving traffic to your website and increasing engagement.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So there is really nothing like video to bring what your company does to life! These kind of results can be brought your company too, to give your contacts something to share and get the community talking about you this Christmas!

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